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The Museum welcomes both its available and would-be volunteers.

The renewing Museum of Transport counts on the help of enthusiastic volunteers. Each member institution emphasizes the importance of volunteer programmes, which allow visitors to get insight into the operation of exhibition spaces, and to actively help their everyday work. Our volunteers can also get involved in the organisation of their specific programmes.

The member institutions of the Hungarian Museum of Technology and Transport (the Ábrahám Ganz Foundry Collection in Budapest, the Museum of Electrical Engineering, and the Technical Study Stores in Budapest; the Metallurgical Collection in Miskolc, Museum of Aluminum Industry in Székesfehérvár, the Museum of Chemistry in Veszprém) are ready to accept volunteers’ application. Those who feel motivated can choose among many opportunities and can decide how one would like to join the staff of the member institutions: either as a permanent volunteer or as an occasional volunteer or as a member of a school community service. Our museums are open and they welcome every enthusiastic volunteer either interested in archiving, restoration or museology, or would happily help us with the handling of the platforms of social media.

The Technical Study Stores is especially eager to welcome its committed volunteers, since there is a huge demand on helping hands due to the increased work load triggered by a digitalization and online database installation project.

If you are ready to help the operation of our member institutions, do not hesitate to send your application to the following email address: info@kozlekedesimuzeum.hu.