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Museum of Aluminum Industry, Székesfehérvár

Aluminum has an influential role in our everyday life. Basic contemporary activities can hardly be imagined without it: aluminum foil, dishes, lids, and even the body and undercarriage of high-quality cars are made of aluminum. Its production, processing and application is natural today, however, the beginning of the history of the industry is unfamiliar for many. The Museum of Aluminum Industry, the member institution of the Hungarian Museum of Technology and Transport, is one of the youngest museums, yet it has a long history. Its collection presents how everything started: To whom can we be grateful for the existence of this type of metal? How is it extracted, processed and manufactured? What firms and companies played, and play a role still, in the history of the industry? These questions are answered, among others, in the collections of the Museum of Aluminum Industry, which are exhibited in eleven rooms. The Museum collects physical memories, photos, technical documents of technology, and documents of technical history, which are primarily possessed by firms of Hungarian aluminum industry and partly by international firms. The permanent exhibitions of Europe’s one and only museum related to aluminum display not only the one-hundred-year-old history of Hungarian aluminum industry, but the collection lets the visitors get insight into the consumption of aluminum in our everyday lives as well. You find the instruments applied during the examination of this metal, such as the instruments which are used to measure the tensile strength of aluminum, and the bronze and copper coins and plaques made for anniversaries related to the industry. 

The museum is accessible by bus No 17 from the Szivárvány Óvoda station (100m), by bus number 22 from Zombor út station, or by buses number 14 and 20 from Könnyűfémmű station. From Budapest by long distance bus a short walk from Zombori út station.

Museum of Aluminum Industry, Székesfehérvár

Contact information

Székesfehérvár, Zombori utca 12. H-8000

e-mail: aluiparimuzeum@kozlekedesimuzeum.hu

Phone nr.: +36 30 693 34 98

Opening hours:
Wed, Thu: 10:00–16:00
Fri: 10:00-13:30
Outside visiting time the museum can be visited in a preconcerted date is agreed upon.
The last Saturday of every month is a family day. Entrance is free of charge on these days.